YouHelp BG is a UK registered charity run by volunteers and aimed at helping disabled and institutionalized children in Bulgaria. We believe that all children, including disabled children should be raised in a family or family type environment.
We pursue this goal by organizing and introducing programmes and services to improve the quality of life for children already in state care and for disabled children living with their families in Varna, Bulgaria.
You can read more about our programmes at our Programs and Projects page.
Various artists, including Miro and Dessy Dobreva and photographer Alexander Ivanov have helped us raise money in the past. Miro and Dessy Dobreva have peformed at our annul Christmas Party at the Bulgarian Embassy in London. Alexander Ivanov has donated a fundraising calendar with aerial photographs of Bugaria.

In London, we collaborate with Friends of Bulgaria and raise money with the support of the Bulgarian Embassy in London. We raise funds for our programmes mostly in the UK. You can read about how we raise money at our Fundraising page.

"Podai Ruka" is our latest fundraising project to raise money for our Baba Program through a concert with a special guest performances by Dessy Dobreva and the musicians from Lagrima on August 9, 2015 at club Menthol on the main beach alley in Varna.

For more information contact us here:
A state disability pension received by a disabled child or adult is usually less than £2 or $2 or Euro 2 a day.
Please do not hesitate to donate pocket change amounts. It all counts.

YouHelp.BG is a UK Registered Company Limited by Guarantee eligible for charitable status No: 07077927