YouHelp.BG is run and managed on volunteer basis by people with strong commitment to helping disadvantaged children and ending institutionalisation. The core management team is made of professionals with successful careers in the private sector who bring the same level of professionalism to their charity work.
We select and hire qualified professionals for the provision of services. You can read more about the people behind our projects at Our Team page.

Since 2010 we have developed, funded and implemented several major programmes for children, including:

Programmes and services for disabled children (at small-group family type homes or living with their families)
  • Playgroup for Children with Disabilities, Varna
  • Family Support Group for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Varna
  • Rehabilitation of Disabled Children and Staff-Training at the Small Group Home (CNST) "Vladislavovo," Varna

Programmes and services for institutionalized children
  • Social Events, Entertainment, and Trips for Institutionalised Children
  • Baba Programme at the Small Group Home (CNST) "Drugarche," Varna
  • Baba Program at the Institute for Children Deprived of Parental Care (DDLRG) "Drugarche," Varna
You can read about these programmes at our Programs and Projects page.

Our projects are in line with the national policy to end the practice of institutionalisation which harms children's physical and mental development. We like to step in where the state and municipal resources are insufficient and not efficient enough. All programmes developed, funded and introduced by YouHelp BG are coordinated with all relevant state and municipal authorities.

We develop our programmes collaborating with experts, the directors of state institutes and small group homes and the Department of Social Services and Welfare at the Municipality of Varna. We also coordinate our work with the Department for Child Protection, the Regional Inspectorate of Education and other NGO's. We recruit many volunteers from the local community who contribute in various ways to our activities as well as experts who donate their time and expert advice. We work with the local community to raise awareness and to secure local sponsors for various activities organised by YouHelp BG.

History (How YouHelp BG was created)

The first activities of YouHelp BG started in 2007 by Boriana Shikova, a lawyer living in Varna, after the airing of the BBC documentary about the notorious Mogilino institute. Boriana volunteered with the Department of Social Services and Wellfare at the Municipality of Varna to help the Mogilino children and others like them living and suffering in dreadful institutions. She joined efforts with other volunteers and in 2009, Boriana Shikova and Sabina Zlateva, working as a director of web development at Mvine Ltd in London registered a charity in the UK in order to raise money for a Baba Program at the DDLR Drugarche.

Many volunteers joined the cause of YouHelp BG between 2007 and 2010. Formal charity registration in the UK provided a more efficient structure to organize the efforts of all volunteers in London (both Bulgarian and British) who wanted to help in various ways especially by helping raise money through fundraising social events, personal donations, calendar sales, etc. You can read more about the people on our team at our Our Team page. You can learn how we raise money and the people who sponsor and support out cause at our Fundraising page.
YouHelp.BG is a UK Registered Company Limited by Guarantee eligible for charitable status No: 07077927